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Are my data protections sufficient?

In the current realm of regulations, threats, and consequences, we should regularly re-examine our data protection protocols. Continue reading

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Intangibly Delighted Customers

Managing intangible assets such as branding, people, knowledge, or operations can raise or lower corporate valuations and customer satisfaction. Well-managed intangibles set apart the excellent corporate leader from the acceptable managers and unwelcome bosses. Customer delight and its ensuing loyalty … Continue reading

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Effective Leadership Practices

Over a decade ago, the legendary Peter Drucker enumerated eight practices he observed in effective leaders: Ask: “What needs to be done?” Ask: “What is right for the organization?” Develop action plans. Take responsibility for decisions. Take responsibility for communicating. … Continue reading

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Brief Team Charters Provide Key Guidance

Get your team on track and keep it there with a team charter. Continue reading

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Daily Questions Exercise

Executive coach Marshal Goldsmith uses a daily activity to help trigger positive actions for leaders, managers, or just about anyone. In a recent podcast I heard, he suggests having time set aside every day for this activity. Further, he says … Continue reading

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People First Leadership

The primary focus of successful leadership must be centered on the needs of people. Continue reading

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Counseling Team Members – An Important Leadership Skill

Leader counseling focuses on reinforcing desired behavior while supervisory counseling focuses on re-directing undesirable behavior. Some techniques applied for each type of counseling are very similar, but this conflict between the goals of counseling in leadership development and operational management causes confusion and poor application of the skill. Continue reading

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